Over 4,000 political appointee positions across the Federal Government will turn over following the election.

The identification and status of all Political appointee positions within the Federal Government have been updated by agencies and submitted to the Office of Personnel Management for publication in the United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions, commonly referred to as the "Plum Book". These appointees serve at the will of the President.

The three categories used within the Department are: 

  • Presidential Appointment with Senate Confirmation (PAS)

  • Non-Career Senior Executive Service Appointments

  • Schedule C Excepted Appointments

DoD Directive 5105.76 established DoD policy for the efficient and the thorough transfer of authority from departing to incoming senior officials. In advance of the Presidential election, the DoD Transition Structure was established to plan for, facilitate, and execute a smooth transfer of knowledge while also ensuring the sustainment of critical operations. The 2021 DoD Transition/Transition Planning Structure and responsible officials are:

  • Head of DoD Transition - Ms. Jen Stewart (Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense), is responsible for all DoD transition planning with the goal for the most effective and seamless transition possible.

  • Interim Director of the DoD Transition Task Force (TTF) and Senior Career Employee for Transition - Mr. Tom Muir (Office of the Chief Management Officer, Director of Administration), oversees, coordinates, and implements day-to-day transition activities on behalf of the Head of DoD Transition; and orchestrates activities of all elements constituting the Transition Task Force.

  • DoD Transition Assistance Coordinators (TAC) - Each TAC serves as a lead representative facilitating transition matters directly involving their respective Component. The TAC also serves as an ancillary member of the TTF supporting department-wide TTF transition requirements.

  • WHS/DoD Transition Office and Support Team - Mr. Doug Nichols – Heads the centralized office chartered to coordinate and ensure the execution of all logistical and administrative activities on behalf of departing and incoming officials.

The core component of the WHS/DoD Transition Team is located in 3A1078 and serves as a central office to coordinate and provide all logistical and administrative support related to Pentagon access and processing for the President-elect Agency Review Team, departing officials and incoming senior officials and other appointees hired following the election.



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