The Pentagon is a five-story building composed of five rings, A through E, built around a center courtyard. The rings are connected by 10 spoke-like corridors. The 10 corridors result from the fact that each of the five A ring corner joints, called apexes, have two corridors radiating out to the E ring (the outermost ring). When walking down a corridor, refer to the room numbers at each door to locate a specific suite or inner hallway.

The Mall and River sides of the building have a basement area that includes a partial mezzanine. Several areas of the first floor, the mezzanine, and the basement have additional rings, labeled F, G, H, J, and K.

In addition to the 10 main corridors, there are also “half-corridors,” traveling towards the center of the building from either the inner ring or the outer ring. The half-corridors are located halfway between the numbered corridors.

Rings A and E are designed to allow people to walk all the way around the building.

How to Find a Room in the Pentagon

If you need to travel any distance inside the building, one of the best ways to move around is to walk to the A ring, continue walking on the A ring until you find the corridor you need, then walk on that corridor, crossing the other rings, until you reach the ring that you need. Otherwise, for example, if you try to circle around the building on the E ring to get to your location, you will be walking the long way around, since the outer E ring is the longest walking distance. Weather permitting, you can also cut across the Center Courtyard to decrease the walking distance.

For example, Room 3B1075 means that the location is on the third floor, on the B ring, near the tenth corridor, room 75.

Room numbers can be interpreted as follows:

  • The first number or letter indicates the floor on which the room is located (B = Basement, M = Mezzanine, 1-5 = floors).

  • The next letter is the ring on which the room is located. The main rings of the building are designated A,B,C,D, and E.

  • The next digit(s) indicate the corridor on which the room is located. Corridors are designated 1-10.

  • The last two digits indicate the specific bay or room number assigned to an office.

For example, Room BE834 means that the location is in the basement, on the E ring, near the eighth corridor, room 834.

Kiosks are also conveniently located throughout the Pentagon featuring location and other related information about the facility.

The Pentagon Renovation Program which began in 1991 and was a renovation of the world’s largest office building, was completed ahead of schedule and below cost in June of 2011. 


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