The Pentagon houses a number of food service facilities overseen by the DoD Concessions Committee (DoDCC).
In addition, the Executive Dining Facility (EDF) and Military District of Washington (MDW) Officers’ Open Mess System offer honorary membership based on position. Due to capacity, membership is limited to executive personnel assigned to the Pentagon.

Secretary of Defense Executive Dining Facility


The mission of the EDF is to provide a place where senior civilians in the Department of Defense and Military Officials can dine and host special functions for foreign dignitaries, official visitors, and other guests in executing the responsibilities of their respective offices.


Full membership to the EDF must be appointed, in writing, based on the official’s job title and position by the Director of Administration, ODCMO. Once approved, the official and his/her guests, will be authorized dine-in privileges at EDF #1 (Army), EDF #2 (Navy), and EDF #3 (OSD/Air Force).


Military District of Washington Officers’ Open Mess System

Membership by payment of dues is open to all active duty and retired officers, foreign military, reservists, National Guard members, and current and retired DoD personnel at the GS-07 level and above or equivalent. The two clubs that make up the system are located at Fort Myer (VA) and Fort McNair (DC), both in close proximity to the Pentagon.


Membership confers dining and lounge privileges. Private dining rooms and ballrooms may be reserved by members for private parties or special events. Athletic facilities for MDW club members consist of a swimming pool and tennis courts, located at Fort Myer only. Members may be billed monthly for food and beverages. Fees for the use of athletic facilities are assessed annually.


MDW club members are also entitled to the use of all other Army Officer clubs worldwide and a number of local non-Army Officer Clubs located in the Washington, D.C. area to clubs including: Andrews Air Force Base, Arlington Hall Station, Bolling Air Force Base, and Fort Belvoir.


Contacts: Executive Dining Facility Membership: 703-692-7138, Military District of Washington Officers’ Open Mess System: 703-696-5147.


For more information about casual dining options, please see the Welcome to the Pentagon or contact the DoDCC Office at 703-695-2295. DoDCC hours of operation are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. 




Contact Information:
Telephone: 703-692-9060


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