The Handbook for Incoming Officials provides preliminary guidance to incoming political appointees throughout the Department of Defense and Military Departments. 

This Handbook is designed to provide a convenient, ready reference tool to assist in requirements for becoming an official with access to the Pentagon. Some of the topics covered within this Handbook are matters related to security and force protection, ethics and standards of conduct; federal benefit options, compensation and pay, medical services, programs; and a birds-eye view of some of the services available at the Pentagon.

For more detailed information related to the processes and requirements for working and getting around the Pentagon you may contact the WHS/DOD Transition Office, organizational administrative offices or functional subject matters experts. 

Additional details, to include services, benefits, and subject matter expert contact information, can be obtained by individuals with a valid Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC) at

Becoming an Official at the Pentagon

Security Matters

Pentagon Force Protection

Legal Matters

Official Travel

Office Matters

Human Resources

Pentagon Medical Facilities and Support Services

Pentagon Dining and Club Membership

Incoming Official FAQs



Contact Information:
Telephone: 703-692-9060

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