All personal articles may be removed at the discretion of each departing official (Please consult your AO for procedures and property pass requirements). Personal articles are different from personal files. As discussed in the section of this handbook on "Federal Records and Personal Files,” the removal of personal files must be approved in advance, by the OSD Records Administrator. Upon request, and to the extent that such packing material is available, the OSD Records Administrator or your AO may provide packing materials.


Officials of the Department may have been provided with items listed below, which were intended to represent the positions they occupied or to be used in their official capacities. These items are departmental property and should remain with the Department:


  • Rayon flag of the national colors.

  • Rayon flag, with fringe and stand, identifying the official position (i.e., SES Flag).

  • Rayon flag with streamers, representing the DoD.

  • Rayon flag identifying the official’s departmental position, for use on automobiles.

  • Plates signifying the official’s departmental position, for use on automobiles.

  • Government-owned professional development books.

  • Plaster replicas of the seals of the DoD and military department plaques.

  • Automation and communication equipment, such as computers, cellular phones, secured telephones, facsimile machines, etc., authorized for use at the official’s residence.

  • Door keys for individual offices.

  • Government identification cards, building passes, and other specialized government provided identification, access, and security cards.

  • Containers provided to officials for safeguarding defense information in their homes.

  • Minor office enhancing furnishings and accessories provided by the Department, such as wall pictures.

  • Attaché cases or briefcases provided at government expense.

  • Individual parking permits for parking privately owned vehicles.


Flags, books, automobile plates, and plaster replicas of the seals and other plaques may be left in the departing individual's offices. Return of all other items should be coordinated with your AO.


Government-owned furniture and other government-owned items may not be removed.


Organizations may submit a request to the ODCMO Director of Administration (DA) for a miniature replica of a positional flag for a departing PAS official, as an honorary award.


The PAS officer’s military or administrative assistant should contact WHS Facility Services Directorate, Integrated Services Division for details regarding the positional flag honorary award process.





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