As a basic rule of thumb, employees are considered to be seeking employment when the employee, or a headhunter working on the employee’s behalf, contact a prospective employer about possible employment.  


While job seeking, and after accepting a job outside the government, the employee must refrain from working on any official matters that could have a direct and predictable effect on the financial interests of a potential non-Federal employer.  When appropriate, the employee must submit a written disqualification through the employee’s supervisor to his/her ethics office.  Individuals involved in procurement issues may be subject to further restrictions and should call their ethics office for further guidance. 


An employee may accept payment of expenses, e.g., meals, transportation, and lodging from potential employees in connection with bona fide employment discussions (e.g., interview at corporate headquarters).  Payments exceeding $375 must be reported on the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Form 278e, Public Financial Disclosure ReportBe careful not to misuse Government resources (such as official time, the services of other employees, equipment, supplies, or non-public information) in connection with job-seeking.





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