Pentagon Operations during COVID


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Welcome to the Department of Defense 2021 Transition Website. To facilitate a smooth transition, we have prepared the following two handbooks:

Our DoD Handbook for Departing Officials contains comprehensive instruction covering:

  • Continuing Public Service
  • Benefits Counseling
  • Government Ethics
  • Records Management
  • Security Reviews
  • Equipment and Parking Pass Turn In

The DoD Handbook for Incoming Officials contains valuable information to assist and guide incoming officials as they join the DoD. You will find detailed information covering:

  • Responsibilities of Pentagon Officials
  • Requirements for Pentagon Access
  • Federal Benefits
  • Parking and Official Travel
  • Security and Force Protection

Whether you are planning your transition out of public service or joining us as an official at the Department, our team of professionals in the DoD Presidential Transition Support Office is here to answer your questions and assist you throughout the transition process.


Contact Information:
Telephone: 703-692-9060